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Li-Ning Flames N50 II

Weight : 85-89g
Flex : Medium
Balance : Mid

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As used by Fu Hai Feng (Olympic Silver Medallist)


M PCF : Reinforcing Technology
Handcrafted multi-layered carbon producing multi-directional strength.

H DF : Shock Absorption
High tech and light weight shock absorption materials fill racket head cavities

U HB : High Flex Point
Racket shaft flexes closer to the racket head to produce improved smash and drop shot performance

TB.NANO : Nanometer Technology
Enhanced nano technology bonds carbon fibres to resin to increase the raw material strength by 20%

Weight : 85-89g
Flex : Medium
Balance : Mid

The name Flame is inspired from the four character proverb in the Sun Tzu Art of War:
When in movement, be as swift as the STORM. When in slow marches be as majestic as the WOODS. When in aggression be as fierce as the FLAME. When in stillness be as firm as the ROCKS

The N50 has a slim frame and slim shaft which offers low drag for excellent all round playability and devastating power. The power of the N50 is well demonstrated by Fu Hai Feng, who has the fastest recorded smash during competition (206 mph). The perfect offensive doubles player racket.

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